Employee Support Fund


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Are you behind on the mortgage or struggling to pay an unexpectedly high power bill? You may be eligible for assistance.

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When expensive medical bills arise, Fratco can help take some of that weight off your back.

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When your car breaks down or is damaged from a fender bender, you may be eligible for support that gets you back on the road.

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Moving can be stressful and expensive. Talk with us to see how we can help during this transition.

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Some costs don’t fit into a nice box, but they can still cause unneeded stress. Reach out so we can help you.


The purpose of this fund is to help our employees through financial hardships. The following guidelines apply:


  • Confidential application must be completed
  • Must have been a Fratco employee for at least one continuous year
  • Must show proof of need
  • All other options must have been exhausted first
  • Committee of Fratco peers will evaluate requests and approve loans or grants based on the supplied guidelines
  • Maximum disbursement of $1,000 is available once every 12 months
  • Payment will be sent to third parties (e.g., utility company, landlord, medical provider)


Vendors, customers, employees and other friends of Fratco are invited to lift up our employees in their times of need.