Meet Adrianna Tiede

Algona Plant Office Manager

Building relationships with coworkers and customers is at the heart of Adrianna Tiede’s work ethic. Investing in people and taking a leap of faith when the opportunity presented itself is what brought her to Fratco in June 2020.

Born and raised in Le Center, Minnesota, Tiede came on board as an assistant. Months later, she was promoted to Office Manager. Her position keeps her on her toes as the days fly by in the blink of an eye. “There are phones to answer, sales orders to create and I love greeting the delivery drivers as the team loads pipe on the trucks before we send them on their way,” Tiede shares.

Tiede is no stranger to ag. Raised on a dairy farm, she was more than familiar with the importance of being a good steward of the ag world, including drainage solutions. She began her career as a truck-driving road warrior delivering pipe for another company. When Tiede learned Fratco was seeking office help in Algona, she was ready for a new challenge—one that married her farming and logistics knowledge while helping her branch out into a new skill set.

Learning the ropes of a new job can prove challenging. Tiede is quick to thank those who stepped in to help her learn her new role. “So many people were willing to help me. Other office managers would spend the day with me at the plant, helping me get my feet wet. The salespeople have been approachable when I had questions. I’ve never been afraid to pick up the phone to learn more about the pipe we produce or about Fratco,” she explains.

Tiede takes great pride in sharing and being a part of Fratco’s vision and values. She sees nothing ahead for the company but growth and opportunity. “There is nothing slow about Fratco. New business is picking up as we retain loyal customers. It’s a good thing: it speaks to the quality of pipe we produce and the level of respect we show to our clients,” Tiede states. She sees only growth and opportunity ahead for the company. “Everyone here is invested in Fratco because they invest in their employees.”

When Tiede talks to others in her community about Fratco, the quick turnaround of product surprises them the most. “People have asked how long some coils of pipe have been sitting on the property as if the stock has been there forever. They don’t realize our production capacity, nor how quickly we ship it out. They’re shocked to learn the coils catching their eye are brand new and probably on the next truck out,” she laughs.

For those considering Fratco as a potential employer, Tiede is nothing but encouraging. “There is so much potential here. There’s room to grow, knowledge to gain and a support system in place for you. When you work hard at Fratco, it does not go unnoticed. That’s encouraging when you’re looking for a place to build a career.”