Meet Chad Nicholson

Sales Representative

Chad Nicholson could be defined by many outstanding numbers. Nineteen years with Fratco. Three regions served. One unfailing passion for helping customers. But working at Fratco, Chad doesn’t feel like just a number— he feels like part of the family.

As the self-proclaimed jokester on Fratco’s sales team, Chad was a natural fit on his first day. From cracking jokes with coworkers to hitting the pavement and talking with contractors about what they need to get the job done right, he’s always loved his work. “There’s always new people to meet, new projects to work on, new products to share. There’s never a dull moment working at Fratco.”

But Chad didn’t begin his career with Fratco. Working on farms and factory lines, Chad learned the rewards of hard work early on and believed in the need for good, honest leadership within the agricultural industry. In 2001, Chad worked under different leadership at what is now Fratco’s St. Anne plant. “I was nervous when Fratco bought us out. I was afraid I wouldn’t like my new bosses. I was afraid of becoming just another number,” he shares. But what Chad found in the new owners was just what he was looking for: a family business that cared about him and the customers he worked with every day.

“Fratco has always treated their employees like family, their customers with respect, and they’re one of the only companies who backs their products 100%,” Chad says. That pride and confidence in Fratco and the products they produce is part of what makes his job that much more rewarding. “I’m very proud to work for this company. You want to be that force to be reckoned with, and Fratco is definitely that. From plant workers to yard guys, everyone works tirelessly to serve our customers well.”

Chad isn’t content, though. “If you’re not growing, you’re dying” is a mantra he and Fratco truly believe in. Every day, employees like Chad show up ready to make and sell products that are constantly being innovated and improved. They show up ready to learn and make operations more efficient and rewarding for Fratco and their customers. “We’re not just collecting paychecks. When you’re treated like family and given all these opportunities, you work harder and become a better employee.”

He believes Fratco is growing exponentially and in the right direction. “Right now, a lot of tile manufacturers are running out of pipe, but Fratco is still able to serve our loyal customers and help their operations grow. We’re taking care of our people during this crazy time, and that makes me proud of where we’re at and where
we’re going.”

Our employees and customers are a huge part of that growth. As Chad continues to serve contractors in Central and Northern Illinois, as well as Southern Wisconsin, we’ll continue to make pipe that serves their needs and can withstand the test of time.