Meet Dan Koebcke

Francesville Yard Supervisor

If there is one thing that every person who grew up in Francesville, Indiana has in common, it is that they know Fratco. At least that is what Dan Koebcke, a yard supervisor at Fratco says.

Koebcke, a Francesville native himself, has worked at Fratco for over 30 years. While he grew up with Steve Overmyer, the former CEO of Fratco, the opportunity to work there unexpectedly fell into his lap.

“It’s funny how I actually came [to work at Fratco],” Koebcke said. “I was working for a local business at the time and was at Steve’s house. When I left, he actually followed me home and offered me a job. I wasn’t looking for a job but there it was!”

Once he started working at Fratco, Koebcke was surprised by the family atmosphere and the connections he made with his coworkers. Many within the tight-knit group went to school together, go to the same church and have witnessed each other’s children grow up, which only helps to solidify that connection.

But it’s not just the people he works with that make Fratco such a great work environment for Koebcke. He expressed his gratitude for the ways in which Fratco supports its employees.

“I always try and tell the younger guys to think of this job as more than just an income,” Koebcke said. “Fratco does so much for us. I’ve been on the fire department for 35 years and Fratco encourages that. They want you to be an active member of the community which is something you don’t always see with employers.”

Providing more than just support for extracurriculars, Koebcke described Fratco’s willingness to train employees. He explained that they encourage employees to better themselves and provide opportunities to learn new skills, even if that means expanding their skillset so they can explore other career paths. He says Fratco helped him personally by teaching him patience and what it means to work as a team.

As far as Fratco’s own progress goes, Koebcke says he’s witnessed many changes over the last three decades, but in the best way.

“I watched them build the building I’m standing in and tear the old one down,” Koebcke said. “Just a lot of good things have happened here, and I’ve seen [Fratco] grow immensely. They’re just constantly trying to make things better.”

Over the years, Koebcke has played his part in the bettering of Fratco. He’s loaded countless trucks and has helped innumerable customers. When asked why he thought customers choose Fratco, he responded without hesitation that it was the people behind the Fratco name.

“Don’t get me wrong, the products are great,” Koebcke said. “But the customers like dealing with us. We’ve got guys that take good care of our customers, and customers notice when people are gone for the day. The people here really make a difference.”

By serving as a mentor and role model for newer Fratco employees, Koebcke truly contributes to that difference.